1. Support and Resources

    1. A Test Forum

      A test forum that may be removed at any time.
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    2. New Member Introductions

      This is the best place for new members to introduce themselves and be welcomed into the community.  We're happy you're here!

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    3. Industry Reviews

      Share your good, bad, or ugly experiences with vendors in the trading and investing areas.  Brokers, data providers, banks, fund managers, educational resources, and more.

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    4. Tech Support and Forum Bugs

      Report any problems you may find on the forums or other community apps here.

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    5. Suggestions and Feedback

      Share any and all feedback on the Torpedo Trading website, community, live stream, or products and services.  Suggestions for future content are welcomed as well.

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    6. Local Meetups

      Start a local trading club or join an existing group in your local area.  If you're looking for people near you who enjoy trading and investing, this is the place to find them.

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    7. Goals and Challenges

      Share your journey of growth as a trader by logging your progress towards your goals and dreams.  

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  2. Trading and Investing

    1. Strategy and Tactics

      The home for trading strategies: sharing yours, discussing others, or brainstorming new ones.  Technical or fundamental analysis may be used, but this space is meant for active strategies rather than buy-and-hold, long-term investing.

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    2. Stocks

      The home for discussions on publicly traded stocks, including IPOs.  Large cap, microcap, and everything in between.  US markets or global markets.

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    3. Fixed Income

      Discuss bonds, asset-backed securities, CDs, and other fixed income securities here.  

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    4. Commodities

      Come here to talk about trading commodities, including oil, natural gas, gold, silver, copper, and agricultural products.

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    5. Currency Trading (FOREX)

      This is the place to discuss one of the most exciting and popular markets for short-term traders: FOREX.

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  3. Off The Charts

    1. Politics

      All politically-focused discussions must be inside this forum so we can keep the rest of the boards free from political arguments :)

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  4. Careers

    1. Trading For A Living

      Is trading your primary source of income, or is this the place you want to reach someday?  Come here for the nitty-gritty on making a living from the markets.

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    2. Financial Industry

      This is the place to talk about jobs in the financial sector.  Share your own experiences or ask questions of those who have worked in the industry to get the inside scoop.  Posters are not allowed to solicit jobs directly on the forums.

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